Voice, Fluency and Resonance Therapy

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Following MD evaluation/clearance (to rule out any underlying medical causes), we may provide therapy for voice issues, such as: vocal nodules, harsh/hoarse vocal quality, too great/too little vocal volume, pitch problems and vocal strain due to misuse/poor vocal hygiene.  Transgender voice services are also available so that those transitioning to their identified gender attain a voice to match.

We can also treat speech fluency disorders such as stuttering and cluttering.  Fluency challenges interrupt the smooth flow of speech and make communication difficult for both the speaker and the listener.  Did you also know that speech flow may be affected by language-based issues?  These are sometimes called “linguistic dysfluencies”.  This type of speech interruption is seen when speakers are starting, stopping, revising and correcting their message many times; their speech becomes choppy and hard to follow.  Word-finding challenges and putting words together in the right way are often the culprits of this language-based problem.  Not sure which of these you might be facing?  Reach out for an initial consult so that we may begin moving toward smooth, easy speech fluency!

Resonance problems occur when sound energy coming from the mouth and nose is out of balance.  For example, if too little sound energy is coming from the nose (hyponasality), you might sound like you have a head cold; people may say you sound “all stuffed up”!  If too much sound energy is coming through your nose (hypernasality), it might catch people’s attention.  These problems may be due to structural or functional (neurogenic) causes or “mislearning” (moving speech muscles in the wrong way).  Voice and resonance disorders are often addressed via a team of allied health professionals; we refer as appropriate and collaborate with all team members in planning and delivering your care.




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