Speech Sound Production Therapy

Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) and acquired apraxia of speech (in adults) are examples of a motor speech disorder. We can help!

Speech Sound Production

ARTICULATION – Sometimes children and adults have trouble saying certain sounds, like “r”, “s” or “l”. This may be due to developmental issues in children, and adults may experience challenges due to a stroke or traumatic brain injury. We teach clients how to correctly say these sounds using a variety of methods – visual (showing how the mouth and lips need to move to make the sound), auditory (what the correct sound sounds like, and how to identify when the correct sound has been made), tactile (touch cues to help the tongue and lips move into the right positions) and kinesthetic (how lips, tongue and jaw need to move in order to make the right sounds).  One extremely challenging speech disorder is apraxia of speech; this happens when the brain sends the communication message to the speech muscles, but the muscles have trouble moving the right way, in the correct order.  The muscles are fine – they are good and strong – but they move incorrectly because the movement messages from the brain do not go through correctly.  Treating apraxia of speech and other speech sound disorders is one of our specialities.

PHONOLOGY – Phonology may be simply defined as “the sound system of a language”. We use evidence-based approaches that promote lasting, substantial progress in an efficient manner.  Strong phonological skills are extra important as they underlie reading/writing development.

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