Social Communication Skills

Communication in context!

Social communication (also called Pragmatic Language, Social Skills, Social Cognition) is all about how we communicate with others.  While it may sound simple, this most-common form of communication is often the hardest to master!  Why??  Because conversations happen in real-time, we don't get to "re-wind" and have an immediate "do over"!  Strong social communicators know how to read the situation and do and say the "right things".

For our children, this might look like taking turns, sharing, maintaining appropriate distance and knowing how to "repair" misunderstandings by thinking about their friends' perspectives.  Adults often recognize their own social language challenges when their workplace reviews suggest they need work on intraoffice communication with peers or superiors.  Some professionals question if their communication "style" might be the reason they are not getting promoted.  Others are often baffled by interactions and personal dynamics during group projects or meetings.

Social communication often has many hidden "rules" that can be deciphered, understood and mastered!  Our telepractice option is valuable to  busy professionals seeking help in this department; telepractice offers flexible scheduling, from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office!

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