Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance?

SCCT provides nationally-recognized billing code data, such as diagnostic ICD-10-CM codes and therapeutic CPT codes, on our invoices if clients request; we do not communicate directly with any 3rd-party insurers. However, if clients are interested in attempting reimbursement on their own, our invoices – with the billing code data – may be submitted. Our invoices also include other key data, such as our: tax id/EIN number, NPI number and treating therapist’s California license number. It is important to understand that there is no guarantee that a medical insurer will accept our invoices as sufficient paperwork in order to reimburse for the cost of therapy services. Thus, clients move forward with the understanding that they are 100% responsible for payment in full, at the time services are provided.

Do you work with adults?

We most certainly do! Andrea (Andi) – lead therapist and owner – spent many years working in rehabilitation hospitals (including acute and out-patient care) and skilled nursing facilities (“SNFs”) and has successfully treated a wide-spectrum of adult, speech-language and chewing/swallowing disorders; these include aphasia (loss of language, often due to stroke/CVA), acquired apraxia of speech (trouble producing speech due to problems moving the articulators correctly and in the right sequence), dysphagia (problems with chewing/swallowing), traumatic brain injury (TBI; due to accidents such as falls, or vehicle accidents), adequate breath support for speech, speech fluency (how smoothly speech is produced vs. choppy, start-and-stop production due to stuttering, cluttering or other fluency issues).

We also work with adults/professionals who are concerned about their communication skills in the workplace. Often, vocational challenges are due to an inability to “read the room” and understand how to best express thoughts and ideas in group settings or meetings. Confusion can arise when one’s boss provides a less-than-flattering annual evaluation – one that might suggest communication skills need help! We work directly on those situations that have posed problems in the past and utilize audio/video recordings to allow for custom, individualized programs tailored to our clients’ particular field of work. Regardless of the job, or the co-workers, one thing remains the same – we need to communicate with our colleagues, effectively and efficiently. We can help! The best part of all … It. Is. FUN! Challenging, yes – and oh-so-rewarding. Last but not least … we cater to your busy professional and home life by offering telepractice. That is, we can “meet” with you via Skype, in the convenience of your home or office! [Please note: we may only provide telepractice sessions to clients in California] Let’s get started!

I know you work with children, but what ages?

We see them all! If you have any concerns about your child’s speech-language, orofacial (mouth-face) and/or feeding/swallowing development or skills, please reach out and let’s schedule an initial consult. The best way we can determine if your child has a need is to get our “clinical eyes and ears” upon them. Sometimes, our kiddos are well within normal range of development, and a well-intended family member or friend has shared something that led to concern. Other times, a pediatrician or school makes a referral. Regardless, we can answer your questions about your child, and will provide research-based information to support our input. We will let you know if we recommend services, or if all is well! We are always here for “check ins” if concerns persist.

Do you provide Independent Educational Evaluations (IEEs) in the area of speech and language?

Yes, we do! Assessment is a particular strength of ours, and to that end, we do IEEs in a less-than-traditional way. That is, our process tends to take longer as we will utilize as many in-office testing sessions as necessary (average is 4, 60-minute meetings) to obtain information that is valid, reliable and most importantly, useful! It is important to get out in front of this in case you have a due date that is immediate. Our process typically takes 6 to 8 weeks once we receive an actuated contract (with your child’s/student’s district). We also complete a one-time, on-site, 60-minute observation, and that scheduling is often challenging due to school holidays, district-wide testing schedules and other school-wide activities. We also need to work with districts that are willing to provide current student work samples as “authentic”, performance-based measures are as, if not more so, important than “classic”, standardized/normed assessments. We work in a truly collaborative manner with our schools/districts and families – our goal is to provide evaluation data that is relevant, applicable and meaningful. If you are seeking a sincerely legitimate, independent assessment of your child/student’s speech-language in the academic environment, contact us to discuss further.

Please note – we do not provide bilingual speech-language assessments as we are not currently ASHA-certified, bilingual speech-language pathologists (SLPs).