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We support the mission of local school districts. While many school districts are challenged just keeping up with the day-to-day issues that arise with students, supporting children with special needs requires additional care, planning and resources. Many teachers and staff members are not as well equipped with any formal (or informal) training or education, and therefore aren't as well prepared as they could be to provide what is educationally required so that all students may access the academic curricula. With over 20 years working the San Diego School Districts, we understand these challenges and how to address many of them.

We help teachers and staff who are looking to:

  • Better understand how to work effectively with special needs students
  • Seamlessly implement modifications/accommodations and address goals/collect data within the comprehensive classroom setting
  • Adapt district-adopted curricula to meet the learning needs/styles of students with IEPs
  • Identify issues in the classroom that may indicate services may be appropriate

We schedule in-services for school districts looking to educate (and re-educate) their staff and teachers on how to proactively identify issues , escalate the concerns if/when appropriate and move toward implementation of appropriate services through special education avenues.  Additionally, we provide insight into where schools expose themselves to risk and lawsuits and how to protect themselves while serving students with Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE), which is an educational right of children with disabilities, guaranteed by the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

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